Implementation of Part 1


In England, Part 1 was first implemented in seven Pilot (now ‘Pioneer’) Areas: Cornwall, Devon, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Lancashire, and Blackburn with Darwen. These authorities were to test a ‘transitional period’ for updating the registers. This task was completed in October 2011. It had, meanwhile, been DEFRA’s intention that the Part 1 provisions should be ‘rolled out’ in three stages across England:


    •   From October 2010: South East; South West; East of England; London


    •   From October 2011: West Midlands; North West


    •   From October 2012: East Midlands; Yorkshire and Humber; North East


However, after a DEFRA review in February 2010, the decision on wider implementation was postponed. Part 1 was finally extended to Cumbria & North Yorkshire in December 2014, with a partial implementation of the deregistration provisions of Schedule 2 and the powers at s19 for the correction of the registers in the remainder of England. A map of the above regions (taken from the former Government Regional Offices site) can be downloaded HERE. For information on the implementation of Part 1 in Wales click HERE.


Registration Authority Web Pages

The Schedule 2 application process is administered by the relevant Commons Registration Authority (CRA). Each authority is required to maintain a dedicated Web Page reflecting its duties under Part 1. Copies of the relevant application forms may be made available here for downloading, though the official source for these is now the DEFRA Website. Links to the Authorities where Part 1 has been fully implemented are provided below. The CRA Contacts List provides details (as at Mar 2021) for all of the English Registration Authorities:


    Blackburn                         Cumbria                       Hereford                            Kent                              North Yorks


     Cornwall                           Devon                          Hertfordshire                    Lancashire                   CRA Contacts List (4.1.24)      


Case Assessment Sheets (Pioneer Areas)

The Search Sheets available on this site provide a list for each county area of the CL units that may be eligible for re-registration. The Case Assessment Sheets below offer an initial assessment for the Pioneer Areas − based on the register entries and (where relevant) the Commons Commissioners’ Decision Letters − of the CL units that come within the criteria defined by Schedule 2(4)(3)−(5). If this land is still ‘waste land’, and was at some time in the past ‘waste land of a manor’, it satisfies all of the requirements of Schedule 2(4). In this case, it may now be re-registered as common land.


    Cornwall                           Hereford                      Kent                                    Table (Assessment Sheets)


    Devon                               Hertfordshire              Lancs & Blackburn