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Many thanks to those local authority officers who have helped to complete the entries in the Search Sheets, including: David Chetwynd (Windsor & Maidenhead); Peter Endall (Warwickshire); Helen Gilbert (Surrey); Scott Hawkins (Derbyshire); Chris Heard (Central Bedfordshire); Peter Jupp (West Sussex); Chris Lambert (Essex Record Office); Mark Lewis (South Gloucestershire); Julie Mitchell (Bedford Borough); Chris Stanford (North Yorkshire); Clare Spokes (Northamptonshire); Jane Stevenson (Suffolk); Steven Thoday (Cambridgeshire); Anne Wallace (Cumbria); Caroline White (Staffordshire); Linda Wishart (Norfolk); Martin Wright (Cornwall); and Neil Wright (Lincolnshire). Thanks, finally, to Kath Banks and Jane Turner for providing the facilities to study the case files held by Lancashire on the original registration process under the 1965 Act; and to Simon Bailey for his help with the East Sussex register, which was destroyed by fire in 1993 and required to be reconstituted under the Commons Registration (East Sussex) Act 1994.


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Note on Implementation of Part 1 in Wales


The re-registration and deregistration provisions of Part 1 of the 2006 Act were commenced in Wales on 5 May 2017. For further details see: Welsh Assembly Government Website. The application process will be administered by the Welsh Commons Registration Authorities (CRAs). The WAG site includes links to the local authorities involved, but the contact details most-recently available for the CRAs are listed HERE. The Regulations are specific to Wales and are explained in the official WAG Guidance. For cases involving ‘waste land of a manor’ the archives holding manorial records can be identified online through the Manorial Documents Register. The Commons Commissioners’ Decision Letters for Wales are available HERE.



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